The genesis, the story

A human and family story...

christian dampeirou

“Laboratoires Curio® are first and foremost a human and family story, at the heart of which is a man, Christian Dampeirou.

After starting out as a young pharmacist, Christian soon rose to fame. Very early on, he began testing, developing, researching and offering skincare to the clientele of the pharmacy where he was employed. He developed a loyal following of customers, because even though his skincare lacked a brand name, logo or fancy packaging, it worked.

The memory of this experience has never left Christian. He is convinced that the best formulations are the simplest. He also knows the importance of high-quality, perfectly balanced ingredients, whose actions work in synergy. As a globe-trotter enamored of our beautiful planet, Christian meticulously sources ancestral ingredients and checks how they are cultivated and extracted to ensure flawless purity. He has perfected the art of introducing them into formulations without damaging them, so they hit their target in our epidermis.

For over 30 years, Christian created formulations for world class cosmetic brands. The young pharmacist had almost become a benchmark in this field but was frustrated by the lack of control over the specifications of the formulations he was required to invent… which, he felt, didn’t always meet the needs of the consumers who were central to his ethos. So, he teamed up with his family and founded Laboratoires Curio® to focus on values that make sense and create wellbeing/caring cosmetics.”


CURIO® products are the result of over 30 years of cutting-edge formulation for the world’s leading cosmetic laboratories.


Our values are focused on common sense and creating caring cosmetics - Laboratoires Curio® is above all founded on the respect for humankind and nature.

Premium Quality

The best formulations are the simplest. They must contain exactly the right quantity of premium quality ingredients whose action is synergetic.


In love with beauty and our planet, we know better than anyone where to find ancestral ingredients and how to ensure their outstanding cultivation, purity and extraction before introducing them into our formulations.

Scientific Committee Members
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Our scientific committee

Pr Christine Lafforgue,

dermopharmacologist at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Paris Sud.
President of the French Society of Cosmetology.

Pr Hervé Ficheux,

pharmacist and toxicologist. Former elected Chairman of the French Society of Toxicology (2017-2019).

Pr François Bricaire,

microbiologist. Former head of the infectious and tropical diseases department of Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

Pr Philippe Humbert,

dermatologist. He founded two research laboratories that are now the most important laboratories in the world: the Centre for Skin Studies and Research, that has been the source of great discoveries regarding skin, and the skin biology laboratory, that has made it possible to find out how wrinkles form.

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