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Sensible and Sustainable Cosmetics
Flowering Biodynamic Enhanced Skincare


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Laboratoires Curio® are above all a perfect alchemy between technological innovation and ancestral plants and between dermatology and ancient recipes. Over 30 years of experience in cosmetic formulation has incited us to humility because we know that the best solutions reside in nature and history. The practices, rituals and ingredients of our ancestors are steeped in wisdom.

Laboratoires Curio® have sought to enhance them through state-of-the-art innovation.

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Natural and healthy cosmetics

Our cosmetics favor natural raw materials and ingredients and are entirely free of pollutants and petrochemical substances.

Sensible and sustainable cosmetics

Laboratoires Curio® call upon respectful and ethical ancestral know-how. To do so, we only select the active fractions of plants.


Common sense cosmetics

Laboratoires Curio® products satisfy only the genuine needs of our cells and bodies.

The convistions of Laboratoires Curio®

Ancestral beauty, Flowering Biodynamics and common sense are the watchwords of Laboratoires Curio®. Our products satisfy only the genuine needs of our cells and bodies.


Laboratoires Curio® propose innovative formulations, subtly leveraged by centuries-old know-how that respect both your skin and the environment.
01. Health and beauty asset

Flowering Biodynamics® is an ancestral natural technique that harnesses microorganisms to bring out the best of plants and increase their concentration in active ingredients.

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02. The best of inner beauty

We are convinced that a woman’s beauty is a subtle alchemy between happiness, skincare and a healthy lifestyle.


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