The ancestral beauty® charter

The ancestral beauty charter :


Natural and healthy cosmetics

Our beauty products concentrate on raw materials and natural ingredients and exclude polluting and petrochemical substances. We also ban the use of animal products and we do not test on animals.


Wise products

Curio® Laboratories products only meet the actual needs of the cells and of our bodies. We innovate in the area of cleansing and moisturizing solutions that protect the skin and meet the fundamental needs of the epidermis. We are committed to continuously fixing the physiological functions of the skin and maintaining the adequate balance of the skin microbiota of each person.


Sensible and reasoned beauty products

Curio® Laboratories products are based on a venerable and ethical traditional know-how. That’s why we exclusively select the active fractions of plants, meaning those really acting on maintaining and improving skin health. Our products do not contain petroleum or controversial substances such as endocrine disruptors and parabens. All our formulas are developed under the control of an independent scientific committee.

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