biodynamisme floral


Curio® Laboratories have chosen to create wise formulas based on traditional ingredients. Their qualities, compositions and actions have been optimised through the technique of floral biodynamism®.

Floral biodynamism® is an ancestral natural technique that draws on micro-organisms to bring out the best from plants and enhance their active principle ingredient concentration. These ferments have been incorporated into our cosmetic products, thus enhancing the benefits of plants. This makes us return to the roots of a natural fountain of youth, like a gift to our well-being and to the environment since our ferments have been developed from very high quality raw materials and with a small quantity of water and solvent.

The Curio® Laboratories fountain of youth first and foremost perfectly combines technological innovation and ancestral plants, dermatology and traditional recipes. More than 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetic formulation makes you feel humble and suggest that what’s best can be found in nature and history. Our grandmothers’ practices, rituals and ingredients are wise. That’s why Curio® Laboratories wanted to enhance them by granting them with the very best of innovation. Curio® Laboratories have developed innovative formulas that subtly leverage on a long inherited know-how in order to respect both your skin and environment

The best of inner beauty. We are convinced that women’s beauty subtly combines happiness, care and a healthy lifestyle. We have chosen to unfold the individuality of each woman without ever disturbing the physiological functions of the skin. Indeed, we break new grounds by offering both treatments and essential techniques that were formerly performed daily such as the Traditional Self-Massage. We are committed to maintaining the adequate balance of the skin microbiota of each person because its diversity contributes to the control of the right mix characterizing a “healthy” but also radiant skin. The protection provided to the skin strengthens the active ingredients. Curio® Laboratories products only meet the actual needs of the cells and of our bodies. We offer cleansing and moisturizing solutions that protect the skin and meet the fundamental needs of the epidermis. Curio® Laboratories carefully develop elixirs that immediately restore your skin’s freshness, and sensory rituals to bring out your inner well-being.